It is unusual. When

It is unusual. When It is possible to carry out an exhalation in water in combination with diving or lying on water in various provisions.

The main attention has to be sosre dotocheno on teaching the child to carry out a full exhalation not roofing felt to a mouth, but also a nose.

Known difficulty for the beginner is presented by an exhalation in water.

It is unusual.

When performing an exhalation it is necessary to overcome water pressure.


The exhalation is carried out through a mouth and a nose, and a breath only through a mouth.

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Disturbs Give feelings names I am enraged by not its feelings, and how it them expresses this its moaning and cries.

Disturbs me not my response, and general impression of a razdr and mine yes how many is possible for a zhennost, in kontseto the ends.

It really disturbs.

After all it can to sweat mother that you should not trust me the feelings.

John T.

It seems to me, presently parents consider that children have to be constantly happy and if is not present, then chtoto not so.

But after all life consists of pleasure and grief, takeoff and falling.

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He will understand

He will understand Compare: What you are a clear head and Thanks.

Grandmother estimated that you behaved today quietly because it was very tired.

As his consciousness develops and grow sa the mootsenka, it everything with bigger ease will be able to belong to that mu that is inclined to mistakes.

He will understand that sometimes chtoto not bu is put to turn out, but also will understand that it can be successful a lot of things.

Such balanced selfperception will allow it to take on itself responsibility for mistakes and their correction instead of that, constantly to need approval from outside ostal ny to deny mistakes, to blame for them others or it is aggressive for to be cleaned off from attacks.

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That is, in this

That is, in this The Vedic knowledge in this sense gives very wise, deep material, as well as than children from each other, what them psychological, physiological features differ.

That is, in this sense the Vedic pedagogics is very democratic.

But methods of a positive roditelstvo will be effektivkna only in that degree in what we will be able to motivirokvat the child to cooperation.

Because the sotrudknichestvo, but not suppression is the cornerstone of the nature of a positive roditelstvo.

In this sense those adults who once fell the victims of radical, rigid education, certainly, in the emotional plan, and I hope, is not irreversible, can reeducate themselves.

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On Vedic

On Vedic That is only the fourth part of the children living on this planet very strongly is based on achievements.

On Vedic system of psychophysiological types this type of children belongs to category of administrators, managers, tsars the Vedic term calls their kshatriya.

They like the power.

They appreciate when parents quietly and firmly direct them by the principle: You can not agree, but as in army, orders are executed, and then are discussed.

That is the last word always for parents.

It is necessary firmly to let know to children of it has to, the girl, to MOTIVE motivations of most of children, and children of active type especially.

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Mode and balance

Mode and balance As a lack of milk violation the extremely rare, and all other difficulties can usually be overcome relatively simply and quickly, it is possible to assume that there are more than wives tires would nurse children if could always receive council and support.

Mode and balance I nursed the child in the face of the motherinlaw, but he all equally cried, and then she bent to it and asked: What, mother underfeeds you?

I told the husband: Talk to it and left the room.

Class chesky and cruel way to upset the feeding mother to tell that the child undereats.

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If I tell

If I tell When at the child everything begins to turn out, try uslozha thread game by the instruction on the contrary: Let's present that you the broken robot and everything you do on the contrary.

If I tell Game tasks la we with you need to seat them correctly.

I will be govoa to rit to you, where to put each pupil, and you put.

Then they will sit with us and to study everything that we will be dea lat.

For this game you need or more any igrua shek, let the child will choose them.

Your task to give rea benka the instruction, properly to transplant toys, at it it is necessary to use the words defining proa stranstvenny characteristics: on the right; at the left; more to the left; more to the right; to the right of.

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  • Satisfy your requirements as separately, so and in couple.Spend time together, not only with the child, about shchaytes with each other as adults, and not just as parents.It is sometimes demands huge efforts and mutual support, but think of it as about investments into a family.At the end the ends, employ the nurse.Satisfying the requirements, you show to children a positive role model how to satisfy their own requirements, respecting similarly others and itself.Life which surrounds our children, strongly influences them, and matter not only in time, which you to them otdayete.
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  • It not an anathema in relation to the child, this certain deprivation of communication, besides, that we remain responsible both we care of it and we remain strong, stable emotionally in relation to it.In certain cases the door to the room can be a little open.Never it is necessary to lock its hook or a latch.In this sense the method loses any value and the child simply feels that of it want to get rid and punish.It is very important to let know to the child that you will be near throughout all this time, he in other room so far that you will not leave anywhere.
  • Work with feelings Try to be attentive to how your child you gives birth the emotions by means of symbols, images and yes so far it has no gestures still neither confidence, nor dictionary stock to put them into words.The history of mother stated below a striking example of how parents can help the child to understand that occurs from him feelings: We chose vegetables, and my sixyearold son of ska hall: You know, in my opinion, time this year goes absolutely not so, as in the past.As though ktoto split its big a top rum on two parts.
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