Disagreements Mark D.

Your interaction with the husband or the wife, and also with any Wad Dra the gy person who cares of your child, strongly an otra it zhatsya on behavior of the last for that simple reason that it is easier to fulfill similar requirements, than one thousand a protivor chashchy each other.

Disagreements between parents can negatively affect on feeling of safety of the child and to leave it in perplexity concerning what from it wanted.

It occurs independently from age, but especially strongly affects, when it a nachina et to communicate with other children out of the parental house.

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It can create

It can create Children it is persons, but we have to be osto rozhna and not to pull them too early, especially boys.

It can create many problems, including feeling of failure which the time can to dit a vicious circle, and it will bring down them and will take away from educations and perceptions of various skills.

Claire Mills, the coauthor Misfortunes of early years in Britain That the child grew the happy Research of the growing quantity selfassured, Motya the believed and optimistical young women in Britain lit various factors which affected on assessment of children, from material circumstances to health, educations and even popmuzyk and the female force, but klyu chevy factor which was defined by girls, were support and understanding of parents who listened to them see.

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Options and questions

Options and questions Different children to the porazny react on same a situa tion, and age, character of the child, his specific requirements and abilities to interact with other children all this on influences your final decision.

Options and questions Conclusions are as follows: nothing gives the absolute guarantees of safety of the child.

To parents nuzhno That the child grew the happy to realize that a leaving option choice for reben lump one of the most important who it is necessary to them to do for all the life.

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Answer questions. The basic

Answer questions. The basic If to speak about the person, he is represented real.

Nuzh but not only to praise or abuse it, and to speak about it as about zhi vy with everything that in it was beautiful, and that tired us.

All this will help the child to talk about death and about the dead.

Answer questions.

The basic rule consists in that, that the child on the question has to receive the answer.

A stream in proowls can seem infinite, but you have to encourage children to ask questions, in particular when grows on nimaniye of the subjects exciting the child.

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Guardian. July, , Strong

Guardian. July, , Strong To A.


Motherhood: How should we care for our children?

Moving beyond the Mother Wars.

Allen and Unwin, Melbourne, Interview in M.

's book of Bunting Nursery Tales.


July, , Strong and unforgettable research of Harlou which he conducted in the fifties, created modern understanding of a role of parents.

When he conducted the research, still was considered that the love weakens children, any physical contact with children needs to be reduced to a minimum!

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Encouraging Distinction between the first and second is not always accurate, and a level Giya can include elements both, but your ability Effective discipline to distinguish the first and second approaches and possible an afterbirth stviye of everyone will help to solve as it is better to arrive.

Make the maximum efforts.

Encouraging positive on maintaining and helping children to communicate, cope with emotions and to be in a harmony with by itself, you help to reduce vspysh ki provocatively bad behavior.

Concentrating on the pro to laktika, as well as on the solution of problems, you will save to yourself and re benka there is a lot of time and energy.

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The person

The person You help the child one hand, slightly pushing him a basin up.

The same, but without your help.

Now time came to explain to the child the correct streamline position of a body on water.

In situation on a breast it is characterized to straight lines, without deflections, position of a trunk at a water surface.

The person is lowered in water between hands forwarddown, water level passes across the line of hair or eyebrows.


Feet are straightened in all joints also are connected heels at a surface waters.

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  • Satisfy your requirements as separately, so and in couple.Spend time together, not only with the child, about shchaytes with each other as adults, and not just as parents.It is sometimes demands huge efforts and mutual support, but think of it as about investments into a family.At the end the ends, employ the nurse.Satisfying the requirements, you show to children a positive role model how to satisfy their own requirements, respecting similarly others and itself.Life which surrounds our children, strongly influences them, and matter not only in time, which you to them otdayete.
  • I understood from the experience that is identical it not always fairly and not always helps.I addressed with earlier the children equally, and it did not bring a rezult t: only was happy what requirements to me it was possible to satisfy.I am surprised to that did it so long because I remember how was the child and as I wanted that treated me not as with the sister, but I absolutely forgot about it when became mother.Rules are applied to all equally, but I love all of them porazny equally.Bridget Tricia, the coordinator parental seti That the child grew the happy Allow expression of love as well as the conflicts, and dy to stvuyta respectively.
  • It not an anathema in relation to the child, this certain deprivation of communication, besides, that we remain responsible both we care of it and we remain strong, stable emotionally in relation to it.In certain cases the door to the room can be a little open.Never it is necessary to lock its hook or a latch.In this sense the method loses any value and the child simply feels that of it want to get rid and punish.It is very important to let know to the child that you will be near throughout all this time, he in other room so far that you will not leave anywhere.
  • Work with feelings Try to be attentive to how your child you gives birth the emotions by means of symbols, images and yes so far it has no gestures still neither confidence, nor dictionary stock to put them into words.The history of mother stated below a striking example of how parents can help the child to understand that occurs from him feelings: We chose vegetables, and my sixyearold son of ska hall: You know, in my opinion, time this year goes absolutely not so, as in the past.As though ktoto split its big a top rum on two parts.
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